May 29, 2007

Foodr The Fruit and Veg Search

Looks like I slightly misunderstood what kind of projects were done at Hack Day earlier today with my Symfony idea. Oh well, I guess I'll save that one for another time. I have, however, come up with another idea which I think would fit in very well. I'll call it Foodr. Basically it's a mashup of Flickr (via retrievr or directly and then managed with imgSeek), Wikipedia and Google Base Recipe Search. A user takes a photo of a fruit or vegetable, sends the image to the application which searches for it, retrieves details of it from Wikipedia and Recipes with it from Google Base. Obviously retrievr won't work directly as the base is too wide, so I was thinking of getting people to tag fruit and veg images with 'fruitr' and the name of the fruit / vegetable, then the image library can be restricted to just relevant images.

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